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I sometimes decide to make objects that transcend their function to express in themselves within a utilitarian environment, an aesthetic, an astonishment.

Beyond a free expression, when creativity meets functional requirements, I like to design elements whose specific characters (volumes, shapes, light, colors, etc.) escape the sole functionality and come to print the expression from a different glance on a living space.

some examples ...

Title 2

  • coffee tables

Wood ...

TB2-1 avec ombre.jpg

Solid oak coffee table of dimensions  95 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm 

made up of 3 staggered tops, oak and concrete base 

The staggered tops gives this table an airy character, which contrasts with the rough aspect of the concrete base.

Solid elm coffee table of dimensions  98 x 64 x 30 cm.

The central cutout gives a lightness that makes the object both massive and airy.

Solid oak and melamine coffee table  90 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm

made up of 3 trays surrounding the central trunk, oak base to store journals or magazines

The trays are distributed around the central shaft in a tightened and slender distribution.

Concrete ...

Ensemble de 2 Tables basse plateau en béton alumineux (foncé) et portland (clair) piètement en acier traité.


(1) H 38 x l 40 x L 60cm

(2) H 45 x l 20 x L 30cm

  • tables

Solid oak table, made up of a solid top, fixed to a solid oak base by means of intermediate metal pieces.

The top is thus raised relative to the base, which brings this very great lightness to the whole.

The model presented has a tray dimension of 170x67cm, the dimensions are adjustable on request (length limit 240cm)

table v1.jpeg
  • wall lights & lights

  • jack lamp

lampe cric1.jpg

Table lamp,

made from a Bilstein car jack from the 1930s.

Equipped with an electronic variator.

 Cric Bilstein - détail -réd. exIMG_60
Lampe cric2.jpg
  • lighting bloc aztec

bloc aztec 1.jpg

mood lighting,


made of steel plates carved by laser cutting device.

Drawings are freely inspired by aztec figures.

led lamps electronic remote control .


H 78 x l 13 x L 17cm

bloc aztec 2.jpg
  • Appliques pommiers

Applique pommier - IMG_9656 - red .jpeg

réalisées à partir d'éléments découpées dans des troncs de pommier et constituées de 3 lames orientables, de largeurs variables, aucune n'est identique.

Eclairage led avec télécommande et  variateur électronique.


P 12 x l 25 x L 30cm

Applique pommier ex IMG0332 red.jpg
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