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Sculptures works

The Bronzes

The result of a long artisan's work which transforms and freezes the molten metal in a lost mould and ensures the ultimate perenniality: but everything has

to be redone, the raw metal is so ungrateful and it is necessary to find by chiseling or engraving it and then by developing a patina the sensual heat of the original gesture .

Ceramics and Terracottas

The so wide variety of textures and colors, the extraordinary plasticity of the clays, their exceptional "touch" are a silk case where  the imprints of my bare hands are printed: the forms spout out in a blooming of pure hedonism ...


The Totems, symbols of belonging to an ancestral family, are the result of a work as close a possible to the reality of the matter and its constraints, the linearity of wood in particular.

By carving along its veins, the tool engraves an oneiric representation of man in his verticality, his deformations, his disproportions.


The plaster is coarse, dry and stubborn in freezing in

an interrupted gesture, the plastic remains disposable and sadly ordinary symbol of consumerism, the paper so fragile and uncertain.  So these materials are passages, transitions to end up elsewhere

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